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Welcome to

Historical Oakwood Cemetery

Falls Church, Virginia



Oakwood Cemetery is pleased to commemorate the life of Mr. Harry Hosier. Mr. Hosier was a servant of Bishop Asbury, a preacher who often preached on the grounds of what is now Oakwood Cemetery. The 'Church' where Bishop Asbury preached was one of the first Methodist Meeting Houses in the area -- known as Fairfax Chapel, or "The Upper Church".  

It was on these very grounds that Harry Hosier, an African American gave his famous "Barren Fig Tree" (Luke 13:6-9) Sermon on May 13, 1781. It was recorded as the first Methodist sermon given by an African American. Hosier’s sermons caught the attention of white audiences from the very first performance; subsequently, they would often be moved to tears.

We celebrate and honor Mr. Harry Hosier.


Thank You for visiting Oakwood Cemetery! We are a historic, independent, non-profit community cemetery located in Falls Church, Virginia. Oakwood operates exclusively for the benefit of its lot owners and for the comfort of the families of the loved ones who are buried here. Oakwood is a traditional cemetery with burial sites that allow for upright monuments as well as flat markers. Additionally, we have a selection of estate sites that allow for the construction of mausoleums. Besides in-ground burial sites, we offer Niche spaces in our columbarium for those wishing to have above ground cremation inurnments.

 Our philosophy is based on the belief that our families needs are the main priority. We collaborate with people of all faiths, cultures and religions and accommodate, to the best of our ability, the spiritual and devotional needs that can occur at traditional family graveside burials. 

Oakwood coordinates burials with all local funeral homes in the Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC metropolitan area.  

We welcome the opportunity, and would be honored to serve you.

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