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Monument and Marker Burial Sites


Every burial site at Oakwood allows for up to two (2) casket interments. Unlike other cemeteries, Oakwood does not charge additional fees for the right to inter more than one casket per site. 

We offer sites that allow for flush ground markers and also monument sites. Monument sites are sites that allow for a memorial that stands upright. Flush markers are markers that lie flat with the ground. The standard size of the burial site is 42 inches wide by 9 feet long. Marker sites and Monument sites are laid out head to head with walkways at the foot of the graves. This allows for ease of equipment and machinery and also provides a uniform aesthetic pleasure.

Along with marker sites and monument sites, we also offer the purchase of family lots. Family lots consist of 4 sites together that share one large headstone. All types of sites mentioned here are currently available for purchase.

In addition to ground burial sites, we have a columbarium for urns. This is an option for people not wishing to do a ground burial and eliminates the need to purchase a monument. 

Near the entrance to the cemetery we have a small section that contains cremation sites for cremation in-ground burials and infant sites that allow for small upright stones or markers. Just behind that is our Mausoleum section. 

Oakwood offers a variety of burial choices for cremation and caskets and we also accommodate the needs of all faiths, cultures and devotions. 


Burial services at Oakwood Cemetery provide the same elements and components that the larger cemeteries make available. We take a great amount of care to be sure you will feel comfort and peace during your service. A vault or cemetery liner is required in a casketed burial in order to both protect and preserve the casket and also to protect the burial grounds from degenerating. A tent, chairs, grass mats and a lowering device are all provided and will all be on site for the ceremony. We welcome, respect and allow you to express your customs and traditions while on site at the burial in order to feel at peace while laying your loved one to rest. 

With cremation burials and inurnments, we also provide a tent, chairs and a small table for you to place pictures, flowers, the urn and any other meaningful items in order to better feel a sense of closure.

A representative of the cemetery is always present to assist and accommodate as needed before, during, after and at the time of interment. We are here for you.  

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