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Historical and Traditional Monument and Marker Sites

Oakwood Cemetery, located near what is now known as Seven Corners, was originally a Methodist Cemetery. Fairfax Chapel, the first Methodist Church in Falls Church, was located where the graves of the Crump and Crossman families are now located. During the War Between the States, many of the stones were used in line defenses by the 121st New York Regiment.  


Early Beginnings

. . . . Before the Civil War

Things to consider . . . . . .

Choosing a cemetery and burial plot can be a difficult task. Not many people have the experience of making this decision and aren't quite sure of what to look for. Things one might consider before choosing a final resting place:

- Do I like the size of the


- Is it convenient for me to go


- Are the grounds well manicured?

- Is the staff friendly and


- Does it respect my religious beliefs?

- What type of services do they offer?

- Are the prices within my budget?

- What types of monuments do they allow?

- Are there restrictions on flowers

and decorations?

- Are there any perpetual care fees?

- Do I feel at peace there?

- Is this where I would like to

visit and spend time?


Oakwood is pleased to offer you the option to purchase the site outright or to consider a payment plan. 

Fairfax Chapel

The first burial in what is now called Oakwood Cemetery was thought to have occurred in about 1779 on the grounds of Fairfax Chapel, the first Methodist meeting house in the area. Oakwood Cemetery was incorporated in 1927 and is operated today by a board of independent trustees. 

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